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CD Audio Mastering

At Something Different Media Group our quality CD Mastering process of editing and enhancing audio on high-end equipment improves the sound and loudness of the original recording and creates a final CD ready to be master and duplicated. This makes a huge difference between the album sounding like a demo CD and a Pro-Sounding CD. When the CD is mastered, it has better punch, more clarity, better level and superb loudness.

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Steps of Audio CD Mastering

Audio CD Mastering involves three steps. Audio mastering is a mysterious technique that is known only by some musical people.

1. Assembly Editing
Your audio recording from the original recording sessions are transferred to a digital editor. The tunes are arranged in a specified order and proper spacing is placed between the cuts. The start and end of cuts are faded to silence or the natural background noise of the performing space. If needed, the cuts are cross faded as desired.

2. Sweetening
Basic editing like pops, clicks and strange noises, depending on the source and severity are fixed first. However, it does not stop there. For true sweetening, professional equipment and techniques were used to sweeten the sound. Smoothness, clarity, impact and punch are increased depending on the requirement of the music. The aim is to enhance the emotional intensity. In most cases, the performance, audio recording and arrangement are better with than the original recordings. Casual listeners will easily notice the difference.

3. Output
The finished music tracks are converted to the media required for mass production, generally a recordable CD. The master disc can be heard on any CD player. Further, the client can audition it and provide the final approval.

For CD professional replicator orders, mastering involves creation of the glass master disc that can be used to make stampers. Our CD plant opts to prepare the own glass masters for quality control reasons. The glass master has to be a proper mirror image of the CDR master disc created.

Audio CD mastering enhances audio mixes so that they can compete with today's commercial releases. Mastering the CD uplifts the quality of the songs to the professional standards. For final demo CD or album will sound like all the songs collected together.