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The Box Sale!

Something Different Media Group Box Sale Order Forms
Something Different $199 Box Sale

Box Sale Includes Transfer of:
Video, Audio, Film And/or Photos

With so much positive feedback, the Something Different $199.00 Box Sale is back for a limited time. Because there are so many different size boxes, we have simplified this process by creating a calculator to help you figure out what will fit in one box. Don't forget, everything additional is pro-rated at the same great rate. Please call if you have any additional questions.

Video Tapes to movie-DVD

Video Tapes

VHS Video Tapes:
Take your old home movies and Transfer them before they are gone. VHS tapes degrade and loose quality every time that they are played. Keep your memories from being destroyed with time.
Full Box = 25 VHS Tapes

VHS-CVideo Tapes:
Let Something Different Transfer your old VHS-C tapes to DVD’s in the box sale so that you can enjoy once again watching your family and friends. Make copies of them too at only $5.50 per copy of a DVD.
Full Box = 25 VHS-C Tapes

Hi8, Digital 8, 8mm Camcorder Video Tapes:
Why pay tons of money for new players that don’t play all formats? Something Different's box sale will get your tapes transferred for minimal effort on your part. You'll have peace of mind your DVDs that don’t corrupt when you play them over and over.
Full Box = 25 Camcorder Tapes

Mini-DV Camcorder Video Tapes:
Want to see little Jimmy hit that home run over and over again, without the worry of loosing quality in the tapes. Transfer them to DVD today, with the box sale, and show Jimmy’s home run to his kids before he was in the major leagues.
Full Box = 25 Mini-DV

Beta-Max Video Tapes:
Do you have old recorded TV shows and family holidays? Have them transferred to DVD today and see them all again in their original quality and clarity.
Full Box = 13 Beta-Max Tapes

Audio Recordings to Audio CD

Audio Recordings

LP Record (Long Playing):
Records were fun, but now they are a thing of the past and fading away. Preserve your old 33 1/3’s, 45’s and 78’s on CD so you once again can hear the rich HI-FI sound of your memories.
Full Box = 20 Records (33/45/78)

Audio 30/60/90/120 Minute Cassettes:
Want to preserve those old memories of little Suzie’s Piano solo, or Dad’s old war stories? Bring them to Something Different to have them put on CD’s that are good for 100 years. Audio CDs contain up to 75 minutes. If you have 90 or 120 minute tapes, they count as 2 tapes and each side will be on a separate CD.
Full Box = 20 Cassette Tapes
(90 and 120 Minute Tapes Count as Two Tapes.)


Movie Films to Movie-DVD

Movie Film Formats

8mm Film, Super 8 Film, 16mm Film:
Old 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film eventually degrades and destroys your memories. TRANSFER it to DVD today to preserve your heritage. We proudly offer DigitalDirect™ Film Image Scanning.Click herefor more information on our process. Every frame is individually scanned. 100% flicker free. 100% Digital. Crystal clear and razor sharp.
Full Box = 2000 Linear Feet of Film

Photos to Movie-DVD
and/or Data CD

Photography & Slides

Let us create a video memory using your family photos. We can archive your photos to Data-CD with JPEGs (standard file format) or to Movie-DVD with standard music.
Full Box = 750 Pictures (up to 8"x10")

OR...if you are wanting something extra special, view samples of our custom scrapbook videos by clicking here for samples.

Please Note:Scrapbook videos are not included with our boxsale, additional prices will apply.

Box Sale Calculator:
Item Description  Your 
 1 Box 
 Super8, 8mm (Film)  2000 ft 
 Super8 Sound, 16mm (Film)  2000 ft 
 VHS (Video) 25
 VHS-C (Video) 25
 MiniDV (Video) 25
 Video8/Digital8/Hi8 (Video)  25
 BetaMax (Video) 13
 Audio Cassette (75 Min Max)  20
 LPs (33, 78, 45 Records) 20
 Photos (Up to 8" x 10") 750
TOTAL NUMBER OF BOXES (Minimum 1 Box):  
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Something Different
435 Nichols Rd, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64112

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Contact Something Different for details and/or limitations of the
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