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Box Sale Mail-In Order Forms:

Please check option for Box Sale on the form.

Form Name Form Description Form Link
Box Sale Form
Form used for Box Sale.
IPR Forms
Form used to personal ownership for copyrighted materials before transfer.
* CD must be transferred in data Format and can only be to 700MB
** DVD can not be more than 700MB size and must be transferred to Data CD
(Split CD is available upon request)

Box Sale Calculator:
Item Description  Your 
 1 Box 
 Super8, 8mm (Film)  2000 ft 
 Super8 Sound, 16mm (Film)  2000 ft 
 VHS (Video) 25
 VHS-C (Video) 25
 MiniDV (Video) 25
 Video8/Digital8/Hi8 (Video)  25
 BetaMax (Video) 13
 Audio Cassette (75 Min Max)  20
 LPs (33, 78, 45 Records) 20
 Photos (Up to 8" x 10") 750
TOTAL NUMBER OF BOXES (Minimum 1 Box):  
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Something Different
13401 South Mur-Len Road, Suite 100
Olathe, KS 66062

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Prairie Village at 75th and Stateline Road

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Contact Something Different for details and/or limitations of the
"Box Sale" at (913) 764-9500 or call anytime at 1-866-774-9900.