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The Family History Video

The history of your family will be endlessly fascinating to the next generation.

Think about your own interest in the stories your parents have told you. How many times do families gather and share anecdotes? It is these common stories that bind families together... in love.

It starts with a free-flowing interview with grandparents and senior members of your family. We are experts at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, it doesn't take long before they forget the cameras are even there!

Our professional interviewing techniques gently lead them to important milestones in their lives. The stories they have to tell! To capture them on camera is priceless!

Photographs and artifacts from the family scrapbook can be integrated into the production. Music, too, can be woven into your family history.

Something Different Media Group Memories DiscYour Family History Video Album will document your unique story with the professional polish of an award-winning documentary! You, family members and future generations will cherish this video album. It is so priceless and yet so affordable.

The price is set by you and is based on how much you'd like to include. In fact, you can do it in "chapters" if you'd like. A little now, a little more the next year, and so on. It's easy to begin creating your family history video album now.

There are so many great occasion to "premier" your family history: reunions, wedding anniversaries, holidays. Now you can preserve your unique family history in a form that is truly does it justice. What a perfect way to capture the heart and soul of a family for the next generation to enjoy!