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Something Different Film to DVD

Film Transfers to DVD DigitalDirect
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Something Different Media Group Memories DiscSomething Different offers the highest quality film transfers to DVD in the United States. We provide our services to individuals and businesses for every almost every film format available.

Something Different's DigitalDirect™ Film Transfers are individual scans of each individual frame of your 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm film. Each frame is scanned using Something Different's DigitalDirect™ process scans each film image above broadcast quality.

DigitalDirect™ offers breathtaking clarity using a 3CCD image scanner. DigitalDirect™ image scanning means your transfers are 100% Digital, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner.

This is not the film transfer you will find at national photo chains, nor is it the transfer you will find at the local basement video guy. Your footage is beautiful and stunning. It looks better on DVD than it ever did on the projector.

Film Reel Size Chart

Reel Diameter Feet of Film
3" 50'
4" 100'
5" 200'
6" 300'
7" 400'
8" 600'
10" 800'
12" 1,200'
14" 1,400'


Our DigitalDirect™ Film Transfers Offer:

    • Better than broadcast quality
    • 100% Digital
    • 00% Flicker Free
    • Crystal clear detail
    • Impeccable Sharpness and Contrast
    • Beautiful Rich Color No Hot Spots (uneven distribution)
    • Blank Film or White Leader Film Edited Out
    • No Motion Blur, or Image Blending
    • No Streaking
    • No Out of Focus Edges
    • Damaged film repaired
    • Film plays at regular playback speed (not slowed down)
    • Mixing of Formats Available (8mm, Super 8 & 16mm) on the same DVD
    • Beautiful Music (All License Fees Paid) Not Awful Stock Music
    • Output to Multiple Formats such as DVD, MiniDV, Digital 8, DVCPro & Betacam SP and more is available.
    • All Finished products are Masters, not inferior dubs or copies
    • Top Grade A+ Media
    • Hollywood Style DVD

Elegant DVD Packages May Also Include:

    • Chapter Markers for each reel;
    • Animated Menus and Scene selections
    • Hollywood grade encoding for highest quality on DVD
    • Beautiful DVD and Cover
    • Themed Menus
    • Scene Selections

We Transfer the Following Formats:

    • Standard 8 (Regular 8, Normal 8 or Double 8)
    • Super 8 (Silent and Magnetic Track 1 & 2)
    • 16mm film (Silent, Magnetic & Optical)
    • 35mm film (silent only)
    • Fairchild MoviePaks
    • Videotronic Cartridges
    • Polavision Video Cartridges
    • Technicolor Magi-Cartridge (Silent & Magnetic)

Some Additional Output Options We Offer:

    • NTSC or PAL
    • MiniDV, Digital8, DV-Cam, DVCPro or data files (including AVI and Quicklime)
    • Betacam SP and DigiBeta

We Also Serve Many of the Following Types of Companies:

    • The Library of Congress, Museums, Libraries and Schools;
    • Broadcast TV Stations
    • Film Libraries
    • Chambers of Commerce's
    • County Historical Society's
    • The Library of Congress
    • Newspapers
    • Video Production Companies


    • There's a major difference in the quality of film transfers. Poor imitators project the film using a projector or telecine onto a wall, mirror, screen, or directly to a video camera and then film it with just a standard camcorder.
    • Transferring it this way is very poor in quality. Your special memories deserve better. Their methods will lowers the quality of your finished product, resulting in poor color, poor contrast and poor detail. It also introduces unnecessary flicker.
    • Many unscrupulous film transfer houses are claiming they are scanning or transferring frame by frame when in fact they are just using a telecine projector to project and refilm it.

If you have questions please call us.

Something Different is a member of the National Television Academy - Heartland Chapter.

Something Different invites you to our studio. Stop by and we will show you the difference DigitalDirect™ can offer or call us should you have questions.