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Transfers LP/Records & Cassettes to CD

Do you remember the oldies but goodies? Do you have a vinyl LP or cassette tape that is hard to find or non-existent on CD? Dust off those old vinyl 33's, 45's and 78's because Something Different can convert any old record or cassette to CD.

Something Different Media Group Memories DiscSomething Different can create custom CDs from any any format including: Records (33's 45's & 78's) Audio Cassettes, Micro-Cassettes, 8 Track Tapes and Reel-to-Reel tapes! Convert those to durable & portable CDs or MP3s for your iPod. Digital recording of your record will be made using a state of the art "digital turntable."

We offer Click/pop filtering to remove or reduces common crackling noises from your record. A special technique is used to isolate the surface noise and remove it as well. The result, your new CD will sound better than the record and you can enjoy it with the rest of your CD collection!

This service is not just a transfer, your CD will be a work of art.

Transfers start at $15! So it's fun and affordable!

Contact us today and let Something Different bring your recordings into the digital age. Preserve your memories for generations to come before it's too late.