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Transfer Videos Tapes to DVD

Let Something Different Media Group preserve your videotapes along with create convenience and additional features by converting video to digital video and saving them on DVD with professional, high quality, low cost services, and quick turn-around. Something Different Media Group Memories Disc

Reasons for transferring videotape to DVD.

    • Videotapes do deteriorate and over time the condition gets worse and worse.
    • Every time you play your videotape, your player causes some wear on your tape.
    • Videotapes can also be wiped out by a static shock or they may lose quality from not being stored properly.
    • Add this with the age of your videotape and you might have a tape that won't play anymore.
    • Videotape boxes break.
    • Videotape machines are becoming more and more obsolete. Some types are machines are getting harder and harder to find. Even if you do have a machine that will pay your videotape, if it breaks, parts are very expensive if available at all.
    • Videotapes take up a lot of storage space.

Additional benefits you gain with the DVD format.

    • We use only Verbatim HQ DVD which have a life of up to 100 years.
    • Your media is stored in digital format, which makes it easy to view on a computer or most home DVD players.
    • DVDs are not affected by static shock or speaker magnets which can run movies.
    • You don't have the tracking issues that happen with a lot of videotapes.
    • It is easy and inexpensive to copy DVDs.
    • Easy storage and takes up much less room. There are many storing solutions and options for DVDs that do not exists for VHS like binders and more.
    • Our DVDs can offer up to 500 lines of resolution which is much higher than the 352 lines with standard VHS. In some cases you can see a small difference when you view the new transferred DVD. However, if you have bad video going in, the video will not be improves so much, just have more lines of resolution (this includes the static).
    • DVDs allow SHARP slow motion (frame-by-frame), pausing, fast play, chapter markers, and more. All our DVDs transfers have automated chapter markers inserted in intervals that allow fast movement when viewing the DVD. Keep in mind, you DVD transfers are limited by the quality of the original master tape you start with. However, DVDs add a lot of power to the old magnetic video head tape system by converting to a more powerful and superior digital (optical) format.
    • Screen capturing of video can be done easily with basic software and a home computer with any DVDs.
    • Neither age, nor extensive playing will cause your DVD discs to lose quality.

Suggestions to consider with DVD.

    • Just like videotape, do not store DVDs in cars, or places where there are excessive heat or humidity.
    • Do not put paper labels or stickers on DVDs because they can absorb moisture and eventually come off destroying the DVD or even possibly the DVD player. Stickers can cause vibration problems that may make the disc hard to read.
    • If something is important or rare, make sure to make an addition copy and store in a safe (of site) location.
    • DVDs do scratch, make sure to keep the DVD in the box and when handling hold DVDs by the edge only.
    • If you must clean a DVD use water only.
    • Not all DVD players can play "non-hollywood" DVDs. Almost all DVD players (near 100%) manufactured since 2005/2006 will play DVR write-able media. Please consult your DVD manual or manufacturer website to see the specifications of your particular DVD player. The Verbatim DVDs we use are almost 90% compatible with ALL DVDs on the market. If you DVD player is more than 4-5 years old you may have problems.
    • "Hollywood" DVD are not the same as DVD write-able media. "Hollywood" DVDs are pressed from glass masters. DVDs transfers are written with a laser straight to a DVD disc. If you need a "Hollywood" type DVD created, we can do this also, but we require a minimum order of 500 or more to justify the cost of having a master glass disc created. Once this master is created, the price is actually much less per disc and compatibility rates now become 100% (for region specific discs).
    • REMINDER: Do not throw out your old video tapes when completed. Store them in a safe place (like a hallway closet) that is at room temperature in a plastic tub with a lid. We do not suggest storing them in an attic or a basement. Although you may never need the tape again after transferring to DVD, it is nice to know you have the master should a problem ever arise.

NOW is the time to let Something Different transfer your videotapes to DVD.

We convert the following videotape formats to DVD: Betacam, VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM), SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8, miniDV, DVCam, 3/4" (U-Matic in NTSC, PAL, or SECAM). Plus we do many other formats not listed here. Please call us if you have any specific questions.

We transfer all types of videos including home videos, corporate videos, wedding videos, training videos, sports highlights, and much more. Contact Something Different Media Group and let us transfer your videos to DVD today before they fade away.