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Computer Animation

3D Rendering, Modeling and Animation

The design team at Something Different has the knowledge, talent and experience to develop and animate 3D models of your products and make them available on your website or video project.

Advantages of using 3D rendering, modeling and animation.

    • Design and visualize your products to enhance the customer's online buying experience.
    • Display a product from any angle.
    • Animate movements or features.
    • Create architectural 3D interactive models of your business office, retail store, or products and services to help your customers truly experience and visualize your brand.

2D Illustration and Animation

Our creative team also specializes in 2D illustrations and animation for a more simple, yet effective approach to marketing your products and services. This type of artwork can be a hand-drawn illustration or computer generated graphic.

2D animation typically involves a specific character design or a single angle illustration and cut away. For example, an illustration of the exterior of a house and then a cut away to show the house's interior floor plan

If you can dream it... Something Different can help you create it.

Not all media companies offer these types of advanced graphics and animation services. By illustrating your products and services in a unique and visual way, you will gain customers and differentiate your business from your competition.