UPDATE to the latest Quicktime Plugin.




Adware Issues (If Needed)

If you are still having problems playing Apple Quicktime (.mov) movie files then you need to disable your adware software temporarily. This is usually just an issue on the Windows/PC computers that run programs like Adwatch, it is not an issue on the Apple/Mac computers.

Adware software is used to protect your computer and also blocks you from viewing many popular movie/media files. It usually loads into you system when you start your computer and was installed either when you bought or first set up your computer. The most common adware program that can cause problems is Adwatch.


To Disable Adware (Temporarily)

To temporarily disable your adware program, just find the icon in your system tray (bottom right corner) that corresponds to the adware program. If you cannot find this icon, hold the mouse over each icon and a little pop-up will show telling you what program the icon controls.

When you find the right icon, " right click" the icon to get a menu, and turn it off or disable it.

The program will start back up next time you reboot you computer.


iPhone Info

Since the iPhone was released after this site was created, some of the videos still need to be updated to the new codec. We are currently aware of this issue and working on it. We have included a checkbox that will allow many of the videos to run on the iPhone, but not all. Just select this checkbox. This checkbox will allow you to view the video directly instead of using embeded video. This seems to fix most isuses, however we are slowly updating all videos so they will run with the new codec. We do appreciate your patience during this transition.


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