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Professional TV Commercial Production Services

At Something Different, we have an advanced, in house, video production facility where we produce broadcast quality videos. We combine powerful scripting, animation, graphics, special effects and sound to captivate, train and entertain audiences. All of our videos are produced and edited in a digital format In order to retain the highest quality throughout the complete production process.

TV Commercial EXAMPLES
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We have produced a wide variety of corporate and industrial videos for many different types of audiences and applications. At Something Different we are not only using video in the traditional form, but we are also using video integrally with other forms of multi-media such as streaming video. CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Streaming Video on the Web

Streaming video over the web has many advantages. It is easily accessible, people have a high-perceived value of video and it can give you much more information than text. By utilizing all of the multimedia elements of sight and sound, we deliver a message that people remember.

Portable Video on DVDs, CDs, and Media Players/Phones

Making video portable has many advantages. They can be played back from a laptop computer, tablet or phone at any location. They are interactive and can be controlled by the presenter in a controlled environment. Their menu systems allow for complete organization of material and incredible control over the pace of the presentation. You might want to think of them as a Power Point presentation on steroids.

We are extremely excited to offer a wide range of technology to our clients. If you would like more information the different options, please stop by or call us today..

Here is a sample list of other ways to use video to help improve your business.

    • Promotional Videos
    • Video Brochure
    • Training Videos
    • Broadcast Commercials
    • Documentaries
    • Sales Promo Videos
    • Demo videos
    • Trade Show Videos
    • Executive Presentations
    • Special Events
    • Communications Videos
    • And More...