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Something Different’s cinematographers, understand camera movement, composition and, most importantly, lighting. We guide a film’s narrative with powerful imagery and are master visual storytellers.

A cinematographer is also known as a Director of Photography. The cinematographer is the head of the camera department, and directs the camera operators on how to get the desired look of each scene. They choose what the best camera angles, placement and movement will be to effectively tell your story. Generally, on larger projects, the cinematographer usually does not physically handle the camera equipment, but on smaller video shoots, they may be the camera operator as well.


The cinematographer works closely with the director and the producer and contributes technically throughout the entire process of the video production. Generally, the cinematographer will have more technical knowledge than the director, and can assist in determining what kind of look and feel is realistically achievable for the video, given any restraints on time, budget and equipment available for the shoot.

The cinematographer will also help ensure visual consistency throughout the entire filming process.


The cinematographer may be involved throughout part of the editing process –- they could be present to make decisions on color grading, to ensure that things are being edited together in a way that fits the original visual plan.

Something Different  has a team of highly skilled, award-winning cinematographers who will bring your creative vision to life. They’ll know exactly which visual elements – from shots, angles and camera movements -– to capture to effectively convey your message, and get the response that you want from your audience.

To find out more about how our experienced cinematographers can help you create a visually stunning and memorable video call (913) 444-3000 or use our contact form below.