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Professional Photography Studio • CORPORATE PHOTOS

Visually Stunning Photographs  • Head Shots

f you need amazing, professional quality group photos for your team, Something Different  can provide. With years of experience, deliver outstanding photography results. If you need photos of your team for your website, magazine, newsletter or anything else, you can trust our photographers to take photos you can be proud of. Talk to our team today

Behind each business lie a story. How well that story is told is the key to your companies success. Let Something Different tell your story. Something Different can help you stand out. As a potential client scrolls past your site or social media, you have to represent your brand in a flash.

We’ve helped some of Kansas City’s most recognizable companies with their photography needs. Employee profiles, advertising, marketing, and commercial use. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, realtors, and financial planners are just a small sample of our corporate clients who we shoot regularly. We offer headshots, portraits, corporate photography, advertising and commercial work

A lot of websites out there look exactly the same. With stock photography and stiff looking portraits, it’s hard to tell businesses apart. Few businesses look professional or creative. Something Different will help your businesses stand out and look authentic.

Clients want a look into your world because when you pull back the shades on who you are, people are more willing to hand over their trust. And, more importantly, hire you.

Authentic business photography will help your clients see who you really are and grow your business. Something Different can help you figure out how to make that happen.

Good corporate photographs are critical to the branding of your company. Something Different’s job is to  capture images that represent the your company’s achievements and progress, which are in turned used in websites, marketing pieces annual reports and internal signage that is seen by customers and shareholders.

In today’s digital world, you are telling a story, engaging an audience, showcasing your leadership, inspiring staff and creating fresh and informative content; high quality photographs of your company and its products and services need to attract attention and provide the content on your company’s websites, e-brochures and more importantly its social media.


Corporate portraits need to project your image, illuminate an individual or tell a story. These are the ways that some of these results can be achieved:

Corporate studio portraits can be used in a variety of ways online – for company profiles, social media profiles, and for other marketing collateral. Professional high-quality studio portraits helps make your business more personable; as the public will be able to see the faces behind your company.

We understand lighting. Studio corporate photography is all about having control over the lighting angles and output. This will enable the us to get creative in exploring different artistic angles, special lighting effects or cropping.


Styles of Business Photography

Corpotrate Portraits are the most common of business photographs, our experienced photographers will be able to make your headshots stand out – starting from company leaders and other personnel to employees.

Headshots are important as a really good picture will make a great first impression – for when you are meeting shareholders for the first time, business partners or even look at the next step in your career.

Usually taken in a studio  with backdrops, we will with  dynamic poses to get the most flattering photographs possible – along with adjusting the lighting to help hide fine lines and blemishes.



Outdoor Photo Shoots, In contrast to studio shoots, the outdoor portrait can be taken at a location which relates to your business. It can give a much better sense of place than a studio shoot, especially if the venue has a particular resonance to the subject.

Having less control over the surrounding environmental factors, we work hard using the available light on hand to make sure you stand out. For scenes that are too bright, we might look for shadows from trees or arches. Dark clothing held close to the subject can also help reduce the light.



A business in action shoot provides more insight into your company than a standard portrait. People outside your industry are often fascinated with pictures of employees in action with the props of their workplace.

Taking portraits in your office conveys an authentic  feeling of the culture and personality of your office environment as your employees are in the midst of their element as well.

The corporate photographer may walk around your office, taking candid shots of the team at work. It helps when the photography session is light-hearted and fun to avoid awkward, tightened poses.

Pictures of the design of the office environment, and how the employees function within it is a tell on how sensitive the company is to the needs of its employees and its appreciation of the work done by them – which makes high-quality pictures a potential tool for attracting talent as well.




Group photos are often created when along with executive portriats and other corporate photography. Group shots is a way to show off your team.

Group photos can often be tricky capturing multiple subjects because of factors like: having more than 1 face to focus on, having a lack of space (depending on how many persons you need to squeeze in the frame), and the need to have all your subjects present their best expressions (or just simply looking at the same direction) at the very same moment. 

Something Different can photograph your team individually and build a group photo without a disruption to your business. 

All the people in the  images below were not photographed together – they were all photographed individually! We then carefully combined each person into a composite group photo. At Something Different  we have the required skill sets necessary to accomplish this.


These group images are samples of previous work showing how we can create composite corporate group photos from individual staff members and at the same time supply you with a set of individual corporate headshots against a background of your choice.

There are tremendous benefits in creating a composite corporate group photo in this way. If someone was to join or leave your company we can easily and quickly create a new group image without the requirement of all the other staff members having to be photographed again – your company profile will always be up to date.

We would come to your offices with our mobile studio and photograph each staff members headshots and then we would photograph them in ¾ length portraits – we can photograph up to 30 staff members in one day. The day after the photo shoot all your images can be viewed in low-resolution in your own password protected on-line gallery, we have a super user friendly system for you to be able to pick your favorites.

The group photo background can be against any color … such as the colors of your branding. The background can also be a graphic or a photograph such as a Kansas City scene or landscape or you can use your own office as a background.


If you need amazing, professional quality group photos for your team, Something Different can provide. With years of experience under our belts we can deliver outstanding photography results. If you need photos of your team for your website, magazine, newsletter or anything else, you can trust our photographers to take photos you can be proud of. Talk to our team today about a customized corporate group photography package for your business. We specialize in group photography, helping you get exactly the results you’re looking for. Rates start at $75 an hour.


With more than 40 years’ experience in Kansas City’s corporate photography scene, Something Different has worked with numerous companies to deliver quality images for all styles of corporate photography.

Something Different is well-known for its location, professionalism and versatility; with no other studio in the industry coming even close to our level of service.

If you need high-quality corporate photography call us at (913) 444-3000 or contact us using the contact form below to book a photoshoot today!