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Does your brand require an engaging and compelling TV Commercial? You’ve found the right place to make your brand stand out.

You’ve come to the right place to make your brand stand out.

We work directly with our clients to create engaging stories that connect with consumers and compel them to watch, share and be completely immersed in your brand.

We work with advertising agencies and organizations who choose to make their commercials independently. While servicing clients across the Kansas City metro and the United States.

TV advertising space is both expensive and precious. If it is executed cleverly, advertising on TV can be the best investment a brand ever makes.

You need to ensure you make every single second of it count. TV commercials provide a platform to achieve large-scale brand awareness. Something Different’s experienced TV commercial production team have the skills, imagination, creativity, and experience  to deliver TV commercials that captivate customers. If you’re looking to make TV commercials independently, we’re the production house to make your vision a reality.

Our approach is an individually personalized one. We get to know your target audience and develop an understanding of the experience that engages your target customers. We specialize in creating engaging TV commercials that will  capture the attention of your audience, and compel them to become immersed in your brand’s story. Something Different is the TV ad production company that will deliver on your objectives.


Your brand and customers are distinctive. Your TV advertising requires a high level of creativity. We work with both agencies and organizations to help brands stand out using the power of innovative TV commercials. Our commercial production company portfolio includes impressive work for world-class brands such as BMW, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Garmin and Applebee’s.

The TV commercials we have produce speak for themselves. They’re distinctive, they’re innovative and they set brands apart from their competition. 


Our TV commercial production process is straightforward in the sense that it’s a collaborative effort between our team and our client. First, we’ll develop the project scope and strategy. This stage helps to develop an activation strategy and a roadmap for your video campaign that will drive the most effective results.

Next, we’ll move to pre-production. Together we’ll fine-tune the “specifics” of both the technical and creative aspects of the TV commercial.

Finally, we’ll move to production and development. This is the stage where ideas come to life! Your idea will become a reality and every aspect will be tested and tweaked before we unveil the finished project. You’ll be involved every step of the way as we create your TV commercial masterpiece. Something DIfferent is one of the leading Television Production Companies Kansas City has to offer. While servicing clients in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit and and right across the United States, we also provide TV commercial production services to companies overseas that are seeking to shoot in the United States.


Something Different is home to the most creative video productions in Kansas City. You will have seen many of our ads already, and probably some of our other works too. You just may not have known they were made by Something Different.

Our goal from the beginning is to be more than just a creative video production company. We wanted to be a force of creativity that would add immense value to the brands we represent on behalf of our clients.

The results speak for themselves. Our creative TV Commercials have been capturing the imagination of Kansas City and international audiences for decades.

Long experience has helped us to refine our approach, learning what the most effective methods are to get attention from viewers and keep them captivated from beginning to end. Even though we now feel comfortable to be regarded as experts in our field, we’re still learning more every day.

When you choose Something Different as your media production partner, you are choosing quality at the highest level. Good choice.


We’ve done so many TV commercials now that if we tried to showcase them all in a demo reel, we’d need to make it a feature-length documentary. But you can see a small collection of some of our most successful recent campaigns by visiting the Video Gallery we have on this site, which will give you a small taste of what you can expect from Something Different.

More in-depth detail about some of our campaign projects is available by reading our Case Studies. We’ve shown how other companies have benefited from the services provided by Something Different, so you can think about how you might apply the same concepts in your own business.

Every business and every project is unique, so there’s still a lot of work ahead. But that’s OK because we love a challenge.



Something Different: Your Kansas City TV Commercial Production Partner

As a leading post-production company in Kansas City, Something Different is your go-to partner for top-tier television commercial production. Our award-winning team has decades of experience serving clients across the Kansas City metro area (including Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee, and Overland Park), the United States, and even international companies looking to shoot in the U.S.

With convenient locations throughout Kansas City our expert editors and production professionals are dedicated to bringing your concept to life. Let us help you create impactful and memorable TV commercials that resonate with your audience.


Ready to Create Amazing Videos for Your Brand?

Contact Something Different today! We’re excited to collaborate with you on your next TV advertising campaign. Our team of experienced creatives, digital specialists, directors, and producers is here to bring your vision to life.

Whether you have questions about our services or want to discuss your specific needs, we’re happy to chat. Tell us about your goals, and we’ll show you how our expertise can elevate your brand through compelling video content.

Reach out to us using the form below or give us a call at 913-444-3000.

We have offices in Kansas City, MO, and Overland Park, KS, and we’re ready to get started on your next video project!

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