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Something Different are music video makers committed to providing beautiful, professional quality videos at an astoundingly good price.

Something Different is a music video production Kansas City / Overland Park company who can help you through every stage of the music video production process including storyline, actors and location. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get real quality because we can make you incredible videos at a very reasonable price.As a music video production Kansas City company we know that a song without a video is probably going nowhere. Further more it was recently predicted that in 2020 over eighty percent of what people view on the net will be in video form and that’s an eye opening statistic.

The power of moving images has been with us for over a hundred years and It’s always been utterly compelling. Most importantly with the invention of YouTube, Facebook & others video has been woven into the very fabric of our society and as a consequence, it’s almost impossible for a song to be successful without one. Most of all, YouTube is the most popular destination for music searches on the net. It speaks for itself doesn’t it? 

Music videos work.  Trust our experience. Something Different  has been operating for more than 40 years as the leading content marketing agency in Kansas City and Overland Park,.

 We also can show you how to advertisie on TV for FREE! Advertising builds your image and brand. With the addition of Sponsorships you can have TV or online ads paid for by your sponsors. TV Advertising for you band or event can help monetize your band or group, turning your creative ideas into commercial wins.


Visual content works faster than words alone.

Content marketing strategies powered by dynamic media outperform everything else, and with a variety of visual assets supporting your marketing, we turn your brand into an ROI (Return on Investment) engine.

Attract a larger audience, cultivate high-intent prospects and enhance customer engagement with design that matters.


First we will help you find the right location and you’re in luck because we live in a dramatic and beautiful part of the world. As a result a little imagination goes a long way and this is a playground for music video makers.Location, location, location! They say that location is everything and this applies to more than just buying real estate – it’s essential in video production as well. Finding the right locations in which to shoot your video, and is an essential part of pre-production planning if you want to get the best result possible.


Personalities can make a music video special. Creating a great story around them or even simply using exciting visuals then takes it to the next level. Lighting and atmosphere are the icing on the cake. 


Visualize complex data, intuitive concepts and compelling narratives with #D Animation Every experienced designer on our team knows how to incorporate dense information and transform it into engaging graphical stories – the kind your audience will remember.

If you’ve got a complex story to tell, time is of the essence. An animated video will capture your audience and send a message that sticks. There’s a reason cartoons have been used in television and advertising for over a century now: they deliver massive bang for your buck. And can do things you can’t.

Want to stay top of mind? Great animations will help you get there.

Something Different’s graphic animation services make everything possible.


Lyric videos are more cost effective and reach a bigger audience than music videos. Promote your new release with a lyric video reaching out to new and existing fans.


We can help you, no matter what the objective. We’ve worked with large and small businesses to help them achieve their goals.

With decades of experience. Our award-winning technicians are some of the best in the industry, and we know how to grow your image.

All it takes to get started is for you to reach out to us, and nothing in the world could be easier. Take the plunge and talk to us. You have nothing to lose, and we know you are going to love working with us on your new project.

The initial consultation is free.


Do you have questions about our services? We welcome the opportunity to introduce our team in more detail, discuss your needs and learn about what you would like to achieve with your upcoming project!

To get in touch with us use the form below or call us at 913-444-3000.

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