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Video Production Using  


Something Different has extensive experience with time-lapse video production methods, and have worked on several time-lapse videos Kansas City  wide acess.

Something Different has extensive experience with time-lapse video production methods, and have worked on several time-lapse videos Kansas City  wide.


We understand that time-lapse video production needs to be planned thoroughly in advance to ensure all key milestones and dates are captured – there is no room for error in time-lapse video! To ensure the success of your time-lapse video production project, our team will work closely with you to define a shooting schedule that ensure cameras are capturing the shots you would like to use during each of the critical milestones.



A time-lapse video is interesting in that it’s (often) not technically shot as a video. Rather, time-lapses are actually captured as a series of photographs, which are then edited together in sequential order using a video editing program. Making a time-lapse video involves capturing a scene at one frame rate, and then playing it back at a faster rate so that the scene looks like it’s sped up. For example, a scene may be captured at 1 frame per second (i.e. one photograph every second), but then when it’s played back, the shots are played at 29 frames per second. That’s what gives a time-lapse video its ‘fast motion’ appearance.


Time-lapse videos are a useful visual storytelling tool. They can be used to show the passage of time, help establish the audience in a certain geographical location where your video is set, and they can even be used as simple cutaway shots for TV commercials or other videos. They’re great to capture the overall mood and vibe of a video in just a few seconds.


There are a few different types of time-lapse videos, each with a similar premise but featuring slight variations.

  • HD and 4K time-lapse photography and videoA HD time-lapse is simply a time-lapse video shot in High-Definition. High-def time-lapses look great on web players like YouTube and Vimeo. Ultra-HD, or 4K time-lapse videos, offer more clarity and a higher resolution than standard HD. 4K videos are a larger frame size than broadcast-quality, and are great for viewing on larger screens like 4K TVs and movie screens. To give you an idea of size difference, you can fit roughly 4 HD images into the space of a 4K image. Keep in mind though, that to see any big difference between HD and 4K, the screen that the audience is watching the video on needs to be 4K enabled.


Short-term time-lapse videos are great for showing the hustle and bustle of a particular place, like people walking around a city, and cars and vehicles driving down the road. Long-term time-lapse videos on the other hand are often used for showing the passage of time, such as day changing into night, or star constellations moving across the night sky. Even longer term time-lapses can show the changing of the seasons, and these are complex projects which must be put together over the course of many months.


Time-lapse videos are growing in popularity with many amateur photographers taking to YouTube and Vimeo to display their skills with motion time-lapse photography. However, it may surprise you to learn that the first use of time-lapse in film was actually all the way back in 1897! Of course, since then, we’ve seen plenty of professional time-lapse videos throughout the years. One example is in nature films – think of those videos of flowers opening in the sunlight, or caterpillars transforming into butterflies. If used correctly, a time-lapse sequence can be a great addition to your video or TV commercial, and can help leave a lasting visual impact on your audience.


To create an effective time-lapse video, the first thing you need is a camera that has a built in intervalometer. An intervalometer is a mechanism on the camera that allows it to automatically take a photograph at specified intervals of time. Most professional-grade cameras will have built-in intervalometers, as will some consumer cameras.

However, some consumer cameras will need to have third-party software installed in order to be able to capture time-lapse. One popular consumer camera which has this function built-in is the Go-Pro. You’ll see this camera being used often in sports and outdoor photography and video-making.

While many photographers are putting together their own great time-lapse videos these days, they can look messy and unprofessional if not done correctly. Something Different has extensive experience in time-lapse editing and production. We know exactly how a video should be shot and put together for best results, and also how a time-lapse will work within the greater context of your video.

To find out more about our services in time-lapse video production, get in touch with the team at Something Different by calling us at (913) 444-3000 or by the contact form below.

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