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Recruitment videos are the perfect means to showcase your company culture and values, helping to improve upon the calibre, as well as the number, of candidates applying for a given position at your company.

Why Do You Need a Product Demo Video?

Finding the best talent for an organization is undoubtedly an important part of any human resources function.

Video content that informs and engages helps one employer brand to stand out over another, in the eyes of the candidate. Recruitment videos, being the perfect tool for your employment branding strategy, create a strong impression in talent searching for the right place to progress their career. If you look around everyone is on their smartphone, checking emails, watching videos and engaging in social media. When at home or on our lunch break, we’re deeply engaged with our devices.

Videos are expected and they are exciting. It’s the perfect time to make a good impression and present your message. At Something Different, after years of experience, we know how to make a good recruitment video


This Video is really old and was shot before the days of HD TV. But it’s a nice recruiting video.


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