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8mm, Super 8, 16MM, and 35mm film transfers to usb, dvd or the cloud


Something Different can transfer your 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film to a digital file, a USB stick drive, a DVD or upload to the Cloud.

Something Different can transfer your 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film to a digital file, a USB stick drive, a DVD or upload to the Cloud.

The first visual format was motion picture film and it allowed us to experience the magic of moving picture. It allowed us to capture the early development of modern society and has been used to entertain and record us ever since. However, the ability to share and renew your collection is constrained by the physical nature of the format. Let Something Different help you change that. 


Something Different can transform your film collection, whether it is 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 35mm, into full SD or HD (1080p, 2K and 4K) file formats, bringing susceptible content back to life and making the movie magic a reality once again.

We have an in-house team of archival film specialists with years of experience in preparing and restoring damaged film, so we have the skills to handle a wide range of potential deteriorations.


Better than broadcast quality.
100% Digital, 100% Flicker Free
Your project is worked in Kansas City

Impeccable Sharpness and Contrast

Beautiful Rich Color No Hot Spots
Blank Film or White Leader Film Edited Out


Something Different uses a method scanning the film frame by frame. Frame by frame scanning, as the name suggests, means each single frame of film is scanned. These scans are they compiled into a video file and played back to make a video. If you are considering getting your old films converted, please make sure that you ask what method the company uses prior to going ahead. Ask what equipment they use. You should get straight answers to all these questions. If you don’t then ask yourself why?.


Something Different offers the highest quality film transfers to DVD in the United States. We provide our services to individuals and businesses for every almost every film format available.

Something Different’s DigitalDirect™ Film Transfers are individual scans of each individual frame of your 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film. Each frame is scanned using Something Different’s DigitalDirect™ process scans each film image above broadcast quality.

DigitalDirect™ offers breathtaking clarity using a 3CCD image scanner. DigitalDirect™ image scanning means your transfers are 100% Digital, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner.

This is not the film transfer you will find at national photo chains, nor is it the transfer you will find at the local basement video guy. Your footage is beautiful and stunning. It looks better on DVD than it ever did on the projector.

Specialist in Digitizing Film

High-quality digitization is important. However, what is also important is how your film is prepared for digitization. Our in-town team of experts apply as much care and attention to preparing your film as they do when digitizing. That’s the Something Different difference.

With years of experience cleaning, preparing and salvaging deteriorated film, we can deal with issues such as damaged reels, broken splices, “vinegar syndrome” or simple wear and tear.

Our processes minimizes the risk of damage to your film and give you the best chance to restore your content to peak visual quality.

Trust our Track Record

Something DIfferent’s film digitization services have been used by many significant institutions, including the Elvis Presley Enterprises, Fox, the University of Kansas and the Missouri Government.

From one can of film to an entire archive, we can help you digitize your collection today so that it is accessible and ready for the future.

We Also Serve Many of the Following Types of Companies:

    • The Library of Congress, Museums, Libraries and Schools;
    • Broadcast TV Stations
    • Film Libraries
    • Chambers of Commerce’s
    • County Historical Society’s
    • The Library of Congress
    • Newspapers
    • Video Production Companies
    • Individuals

FILM TRANSFERS BY Something Different

Our DigitalDirect™ Film Transfers Offer:

    • Better than broadcast quality
    • 100% Digital
    • 100% Flicker Free
    • Crystal clear detail
    • Impeccable Sharpness and Contrast
    • Beautiful Rich Color No Hot Spots (uneven distribution)
    • Blank Film or White Leader Film Edited Out
    • No Motion Blur, or Image Blending
    • No Streaking
    • No Out of Focus Edges
    • Damaged film repaired
    • Film plays at regular playback speed (not slowed down)
    • Mixing of Formats Available (8mm, Super 8 & 16mm) on the same DVD
    • Beautiful Music (All License Fees Paid) Not Awful Stock Music
    • Output to Multiple Formats such as DVD, MiniDV, Digital 8, DVCPro & Betacam SP and more is available.
    • All Finished products are Masters, not inferior dubs or copies
    • Top Grade A+ Media
    • Hollywood Style DVD

Elegant DVD Packages May Also Include:

        Elegant DVD Packages May Also Include:

          • Chapter Markers for each reel;
          • Animated Menus and Scene selections
          • Hollywood grade encoding for highest quality on DVD
          • Beautiful DVD and Cover
          • Themed Menus
          • Scene Selections


     We Transfer the Following Formats:

    • 8mm 
    • Super 8 
    • Standard 8 (Regular 8, Normal 8 or Double 8)
    • Fujifilm Single-8 system
    • Polaroid Polavision 
    • Double Super 8
    • Widescreen Super8 and Max8
    • 8mm Loop Film
    • Technicolor Magi-Cartridge (Silent & Magnetic)
    • 16mm film (Silent, Magnetic & Optical)
    • Super 16 mm,
    • Super 16,
    • 16 mm Type W
    • Ultra 16mm
    • 35mm
    • 35 mm spherical
    • Super 35 mm
    • 35 mm anamorphic
    • Super 8 (Silent and Magnetic Track 1 & 2)
    • 35mm film (silent only)
    • Fairchild MoviePaks
    • Videotronic Cartridges
    • Polavision Video Cartridges
    • Technicolor Magi-Cartridge (Silent & Magnetic)

    Sound film is a motion picture with synchronized sound, or technologically synced sound synced to image, as opposed to a silent film. 

    • Magnetic Sound Film
    • Optical Sound


    Something Different can  professionally and safely digitize virtually any motion picture film format and audio tape, videotape formats. We don’t just transfer your content to a DVD or hard drive and call it a done. We understand the importance of quality, standards, and demonstrating strength and integrity of the preservation process.

    We are are archival specialists who understand the preservation needs of archives, our practices and processes have been developed in line with global best-practice.  Our digitization services comply with the guidelines set out in the IASA TC-04 standard.



    Reel Diameter Film Length Run time 18fps
    3 in 50 ft 3-4 min
    4 in 100 ft 7-8 min
    5 in 200 ft 14-16 min
    6 in 300 ft 21-24 min
    7 in 400 ft 28-32 min
    8 in 600 ft 42-48 min
    10 in 800 ft 56-62 min


    Click on the items to view pricing details for Something DIfferent products.

    Super 8 & 8mm Silent Film 

    16¢ per foot 

    250 feet minimum

    Super 8 & 8mm Magnetic Sound Film

    20¢ Per Foot

    250 foot Minimum

    16mm Silent Film

    24¢ Per Foor

    250 feet minimum

    16mm Optical & Magnetic Sound Film

    24¢ Per Foot

    250 Feet Minimum

    35mm Movie Film Transfer to 4K

    Call For Pricing

    2500 feet minimum

    DVD Master


    1600-1800 Ft or (1 Hr 45 min)

    Memories DVD Duplicate


    Extra Copy from DVD Master

    100 DVD Duplicates


    Bulk on Spindle, Or Cake, No Label

    MP4 File from Film



    .MOV File from Film


    H264 ProRes

    Upload your files to Cloud. Lifetime Storage. 


    USB Drive


    (16-32 Gig) 


    Something Different will preserve the long-term survival, profitability and accessibility of your media content in your library, contact Something Different using the contact form below or call us at 913-444-3000.

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