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When it comes to bringing a video script to life, there’s more to it than just reading out the words on the page.

As an experienced video production company, the team at Something Different regularly work with talented voice over artists and agencies Kansas City wide. If you would like recommendations about voice over talent for your video production project, our team has the expertise and connections to help you find the perfect person (or people) that will give your video that professional finish.


When it comes to bringing a video script to life, there’s more to it than just reading out the words on the page. An effective voice over artist will know exactly how to deliver a script in a manner which will engage your audience and deliver your message in an entertaining, and most importantly, memorable way.

The first thing to ask yourself when starting to think about hiring voiceover talent is what kind of tone and style you are after for your video. Are you looking to have a series of animated graphics and facts explained on the screen, or do you need a voiceover artist to provide the voices for animated characters? What overall is the tone and mood of your video? Do you need a voice which sounds kind and caring to make the audience feel welcome and invited? Or do you need a strong, powerful and energetic voice to make your audience feel empowered and ready to take action? Alternatively, are you going for ‘epic’? These are the kinds of decisions Something Different can discuss with you and your team, to ensure you get the best voiceover possible. 


Experience – Voice over artists who have had extensive professional experience will know how to properly warm up their voice in order to sound their best while recording. They’ll also know the specific ins and outs of recording in a studio environment, such as the correct volume to speak at, and even how far away from the microphone they should stand when speaking.

Professionalism – When you’ve gone to all the trouble of having a slick, professional-looking video made, the last thing you want is to ruin it all by having poor-quality sound such using a recording done in a office rather than a recording studio, badly-pronounced words or a just plain boring voice over. A professional voice artist will always deliver a polished performance, and will really add the finishing touch to your video with their perfect pronunciation and intonation.

Cost – Many people try to save costs on their video production project by using a staff member or simply someone they know with a ‘good voice’ to read out their video script. However, using someone who doesn’t have extensive studio experience can result in a few too many mistakes on the day, and the costs of having to record things multiple times while the clock ticks in the recording studio can quickly add up. Using a professional will minimize the number of ‘takes’ required to get that perfect voice over. Sound technicians will also have to spend much less time editing out any accidental ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’, saving you even more money in the long run.


While many voice actors now list themselves on voice casting websites, it can be difficult and time consuming to sift through hundreds of individuals and pick out the right one based on just a few short audition pieces. It’s also hard to know how reliable a certain voice over artist will be and if they’ve got the right attitude for your project. Have they got as much experience as they say they do? Will they show up on time and deliver the excellent performance you expect? Something Different saves you the time and hassle of finding, auditioning and casting the most qualified voice over talent for your particular video.


    Something Different has extensive contacts amongst top Kansas City voice over talent in the radio, film, stage, and TV community, and we can help you find the right voice for your video, whether you’re filming an advertisement, corporate video, or web series. We have a huge range of voice over artists who can deliver your script in a range of different accents, personality types, and even ages.

    To find out more about how we can help you record professional voice overs for your video & audio production get in touch with the team at Something Different by calling us at (913) 444-3000 or by the contact form below.